The family bathroom with SPACE for everyone

Do you have a family bathroom that you want to turn into an oasis of well-being? Have you a big family where everyone competes for the bathroom at the same time?

  • Room size

IncreaseD efficiency in the bathroom

Most families with only one bathroom know the problem when the basin and shower become a battle zone in the mornings with everyone jostling for position to get ready and get out the door. We hope we can give you some inspiration so you can optimise the layout of your bathroom and the whole family can spend their time in it more efficiently.

Make space for everyone with a double basin

Space at the basin is often at a premium but in a family bathroom the problem is easily solved with a double basin, so two people can use the basin at the same time.

Room for more than one in the shower

Large families are always short of space in the shower but why not make the shower area in a family bathroom extra spacious with sufficient room to share it? You could even install two shower heads inside the same shower enclosure to create a double shower where more than one person can shower at the same time.