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Do you need help WITH installING our bathroom furniture?

Here you will find all of our installation videos.

YOU vanity unit

YOU mirror cabinet

YOU tall cabinet

YOU Dimension framed mirror

Calidris vanity unit

Calidris tall unit

Curvo vanity unit

Curvo tall unit

WITH a single touch

Now it is possible to connect mirrors, mirror cabinets, downlights, spotlights and pendant lights in a group, so they can be adjusted together with a single touch. Adjusting the mirror lighting will also adjust the colour and  intensity of the other connected lighting. This unique wireless control is simple to set up and doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection – you just need to purchase one receiver to connect up to 5 devices - either pendant lights or spotlights.


When fitting Dansani furniture, your product always comes with installation instructions. These instructions describe in detail how to install your furniture, mirror, mirror cabinet, or shower door but sometimes a video that explains the instructions in a more visual way can be of great assistance.

That's why on this page you will find installation videos for many of our products so you can see how to set up and install them in your bathroom. You can also use the installation videos as a guide if you need to adjust the furniture and correct an out of line drawer front for example. It's not always easy to remember to keep the installation instructions, so it can be helpful to use the films on this site to see how you made that drawer adjustment the last time. Or maybe the tall unit needs to be moved in your bathroom to hang somewhere else, in which case you can also use the video to check how it's done.

In our installation videos, we try to explain how to install the furniture and fit it in your bathroom using videos and drawings. We have videos where someone is actually demonstrating how to carry out the installation, but we also have animated videos that show the installation process combined with instructions and drawings. Both types of installation videos explain clearly and visually how to do it, so you can install your Dansani products without any issues.

Even if the title of the video refers to a specific range, you can often use the same video for some of our other furniture ranges. Use them as a guide if you're unsure, so you can install furniture, shower doors and accessories with ease.


Remember the right tools when installing your Dansani furniture to make things much easier and clearer. Most importantly remember your spirit level, which is indispensable when installing furniture. It can also be helpful to have more than one person doing the work, so team up with a colleague or family member when installing your furniture.

Remember, if you don't feel up to the task of installing the furniture yourself, even with all the instructions and videos, it's a good idea to ask for help from a professional who can fit the furniture for you. If you've bought lights and mirrors with lighting from Dansani, it's a good idea to get an electrician to help you ensure proper installation and a longer lifespan for your products. A plumber can help you with the correct installation of basins and wastes, which is extremely important to get right in a bathroom.

Should you need extra help or advice that the installation instructions or our installation videos don't provide, you are of course always welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help you further.