Start your day right with a double basin

Whether you are facing a minor touch-up project up or a major total renovation of your bathroom, we have the perfect solution for you. The double basin allows space for a few people in the bathroom at the same time so that you can all enjoy the peaceful and quiet morning routine that you deserve. Make good use of the extra time that you get from a double basin in your bathroom and sit down a little longer enjoying your breakfast before getting started on your day.

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Your solution may be a double basin

A double basin is easy to install. You also save room with a double basin when compared with two single basins. This means that you don’t necessarily have to extend your existing bathroom. The double basins are available from a width of 120cm upwards. Dansani offers a large range of double basins for the bathroom in various designs.

New shapes and looks

Flexibility is our keyword when designing new solutions for the bathroom interior. We would like to provide you with as many options as possible. Dansani specialises in bathrooms, and our products are defined by long-life, high-quality materials that still look good after years of use. A beautiful and functional double basin with a stylish and practical bowl area unit will give your bathroom a brand-new look in a tasteful and elegant way.

a double basin for the bathroom

This unique 160cm wide double porcelain basin is the ideal basin for your new bathroom if your family requires more space or if you simply would like to have more elbow room. Drawers and units are available in various colours and decors from minimalist shades to wooden textures to create an atmosphere of their own. All drawers can add trays that can organise the internal space and come with built-in dampers to ensure the soft closing of the drawers.

Double basin for the bathroom

You have a wide choice of many materials with various benefits:

Genuine sanitary porcelain

Has a strong, robust and easy to clean surface. It will retain its beautiful appearance for years to come. The basins combine softly rounded edges and straight lines. Please note that genuine sanitary porcelain has a much stronger surface than ordinary porcelain.

Solid surface

This ultra-slim solid surface material has a matt white finish. Unlike the distinctly slim, sharp lines of the external design, the bowl area has a characteristically soft, easy-to-clean design. The slim form means the basin and worktop must be supported underneath by cabinets runnig their full width.


Silestone® looks and feels like natural stone and is composed of 93% natural quartz. The stone is treated with resin and dyes, creating the unique designs that we use for the Unique basins in the Calidris series. Apart from its exquisite appearance, the really great thing about Silestone® is its qualities: you get a uniquely strong material, which is scratch-proof, resistant to stains and acid and not least hygienic and low-maintenance.

Glass basin

Dansani glass basins are easy to clean and resistant to normal cleaning agents. The basins have white lacquer on the underside and are produced in a special crystal clear glass finish with less oxides present to produce a much clearer appearance than standard glass.

It is usual for all of our bathroom basins to have an easy-to-clean surface. We always strive to create solutions that make life easier, more beautiful and meaningful. Dansani offers numerous options when adapting your room – regardless of size and shape. Create your own, personal touch when designing your future bathroom. Most basins are available in several widths and depth projections so that you can adapt them to suit your taste and your bathroom.

Dansani always provides a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, so you can be certain that all products work optimally when you buy from us.