Sustainability and environment

Sustainability is something that we all need to consider in our everyday lives. The bathroom is one of the rooms that uses the most energy in your home so this is a good place to start if you wish to live a more sustainable life.

Sustainability - when responsibility is an obligation

Here at Dansani, we consider environmental responsibility a matter of course, and that is why we have implemented a variety of initiatives that reduce the environmental impact. As an example, all our laminates come from sustainable European forestry. In general, we employ a clear-cut and efficient policy on recycling and reduction of waste in our production processes.

However, sustainability is not only about the environment: we also have a strong focus on acting ethically correctly as an employer when it comes to the working environment and workers' rights. And this does not only apply to our internal organisation: we carefully select our suppliers depending on their way of conducting business with regards to the environment and working conditions for their employees.

Environment, sustainability and climate

Dansani develops, supplies and markets bathroom products. While maintaining our more than 40-year-old tradition of quality and great craftsmanship, we will continually consider healthy business sense and strengthen our environmental and climate efforts.

We take responsibility for the environment and are aware of how we can reduce the environmental impact. In addition, we are continuously working on expanding and improving our areas of action further within the environment and climate.

Our goal is to

  • Design our products so the environmental impact in manufacturing, use and disposal is minimised.

  • Use raw materials, water and energy effectively to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Limit emissions, waste and discharge from our activities.

  • Maintain high security standards for our employees and promote responsible environmental issues within our activities.

  • Collaboration with our suppliers, customers and other business partners to achieve better environmental standards.

  • Continue to pay attention to new opportunities to improve the environmental qualities of our products and production methods beyond what is generally expected.


So, what specifically do we do to help you make the most sustainable choice when it comes to bathroom furniture?

As a starting point, we only focus on solutions that meet our high quality standards - because durability is also a goal on the road to a more sustainable product.

That's why we offer a 10-year warranty on all our furniture. In addition, it is of course also possible to repair or replace individual parts that can further extend the life of the furniture. This could be, for example, an electronic driver for the lighting in the drawer or a damaged drawer front.

But of course, there are other elements at play as well. Let's look at the different ranges and product categories through a sustainability lens so you can make an informed decision.

Calidris with veneer front
Calidris with smooth front


Calidris furniture consists of two different types of wood panels - the veneered front is laid on particleboard and the smooth front is a lacquered MDF board. The more sustainable choice here is the veneered front on particleboard. Here, the particleboard consists of 2/3 recycled wood. This also applies to wooden worktops and wooden shelves.

All new wood used in the boards for Calidris furniture comes from sustainable forestry in the EU. 93% of all wood materials in our furniture are certified with full traceability, and the goal is of course 100%. 


Dansani A/S is now PEFC Chain of Custody certified. By sourcing PEFC-certified wood, we support the sustainable management of forests globally.
We have a plan to offer all our ranges as PEFC-certified, and already now a number of our Mido+ bathroom furniture is available as PEFC-certified. This applies to Mido+ in Warm oak, Pine grey, Grey matt and Black structure.

Luna furniture has 2 types of finishes depending on the decor
A YOU Urban furniture setting with front panels made from 2/3 recycled wood


The carcass of all Luna furniture (with the exception of those with integrated handles) is melamine-coated particleboard, and the same applies to all Luna fronts in wood decor. Luna wood worktops are also made of particleboard - they are simply laminate-coated. For YOU, it's the same for all carcasses and all fronts in YOU Urban.

These melamine-coated particleboards, which make up the majority of the tops in both the YOU & Luna ranges, consist of 2/3 recycled wood. The portion of old particleboards that cannot be reused in the production of new particleboards is burned to create energy for production, so nothing goes to waste. 


Which basin should you choose when you want to make a sustainable choice? At Dansani, we have some suggestions.

When it comes to the beautiful Silestone® basins and worktops, 20% of the material is recycled, 99% of the water used in production is recycled and the electricity comes from 100% renewable energy sources, so we're dealing with a supplier for whom environmental considerations are paramount. Silestone® is produced in Spain.

Porcelain basins are the most commonly used basins, and they are durable and long-lasting and can be ground down and used as road fill or other uses without the risk of leaking hazardous substances - and can also be recycled to make new basins, provided there is a return programme. Dansani's basins are sourced from China, Italy and Turkey.

Mido+ is approved for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings


Many of our furniture ranges are approved for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings according to criteria generation 3. This applies to the Mido+, Luna & YOU ranges


For Match showers we use good quality and strong 6mm safety glass with the hard-wearing and environmentally friendly EasyCare treatment, and for the larger solutions in XXL showers we use 8mm safety glass. Strong glass lasts for many years, and our glass is also tested and fulfils the requirements of EN 4428:2015 & EN12150, which include stability and toughening.


The profiles in both shower ranges are made from a strong aluminium alloy and are produced from 25% recycled aluminium. This offers incredible longevity, functional and design benefits, and aluminium can be recycled almost endlessly.

Dansani Corona oval mirror


All Dansani light sources are high-quality, energy-saving LED lights that have a lifespan of 20 years with 4 hours of daily use. And when the light has shone for the last time, you can easily disassemble it for environmentally friendly and proper waste sorting. In addition, we limit the content of chemicals and hazardous substances in all our electrical equipment.

 All Dansani mirrors are of high quality and therefore long-lasting.


Dansani has a working group dedicated to developing and assessing all of our packaging with sustainability in mind.

Most recently, the group has introduced cellular cardboard as a replacement for polystyrene. This means that we are gradually phasing out polystyrene with recyclable cellular cardboard in all our packaging.

At the same time, we are reducing the use of plastic in packaging for mirrors and shower enclosures.  


In 2023, Dansani installed solar panels on the roof of our production facilities. The system can produce up to half of the electricity used in both production and administration. We have increased insulation and reduced heat consumption in our warehouses, and we recover heat in our production facilities. In addition, we have reduced energy waste in our production machinery.


At Dansani, we have gone from sorting 8 types or segments of waste to 16 types. This means that we sort even more waste into materials that can be recycled, thereby significantly reducing the amount of residual waste. This means that 95% of all waste can be recycled.

Environmental measures in the administration department


It's not only in our production facilities that we're looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption, but also in our administration departments. Here, we have installed motion sensors that minimise the electricity used to light up office spaces and our showrooms, and we make sure to switch off PCs and computer screens when they are not in use.

We also keep a close eye on our heat consumption and check our systems and temperatures in the different office areas.