Product categories

Get the full overview of the Dansani product categories here. Are you looking for a nice new vanity unit with drawers or maybe doors for a new shower enclosure? Or is it stylish accessories you're looking for? You can find all product categories here.

Vanity units

All vanity units

Vanity units with drawers or doors? See them all here

See all vanity units

Vanity units with drawers

The vanity unit is the most important piece of furniture and the starting point for the rest of your design.

See vanity units with drawers

Vanity units with doors

If you're looking for a great value for money option, a vanity unit with doors is ideal.

See vanity units with doors


Find all the great accessories for your vanity units here.

See accessories for vanity units


All cabinets

Base cabinets, tall cabinets, wall cabinets etc. Find it all here.

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Tall cabinets

If you like organisation in the bathroom, a tall cabinet is the perfect choice.

See tall cabinets

Base cabinets

Available in the same standard widths as our vanity units, a base cabinet is a practical and attractive storage option when you have plenty of wall space in your bathroom.

See base cabinets

Wall cabinets

An overhead cabinet is easily placed above the toilet or wherever there is a little extra wall space.

See wall cabinets

open shelves

Express your personality with an open shelf - here you can display your favourite ceramic vase, that unique wooden box from your trip to Bali or even your favourite fragrance.

See open shelves


Find great accessories for your cabinets such as laundry bags, wooden trays and more.

See accessories for cabinets


All basins

Get an overview of all our basins

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Full-length basins

Find beautiful porcelain, glass and matt solid surface basins in our ranges.

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countertop basins

A freestanding countertop basin makes a striking and beautiful statement in your bathroom.

See countertop basins

Accessories for basins

Find overflow rings, bottom valves and more.

See accessories for basins


All showers

Get an overview of our shower solutions.

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Match showers

Match is a mix & match shower enclosure concept where you have a selection of fixed wall panels and different types of shower doors that can be combined to suit your bathroom.

See Match shower enclosures

xxl showers

Dansani's XXL series offers solutions for larger shower areas where there is room for a sliding door.

See XXL shower enclosures

Accessories for the shower

Shower scrapers, shelves, hooks - find all your shower accessories.

See Accessories for showers


All mirrors

Get a quick overview of all our mirrors.

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We have a wide range of square mirrors with and without lighting.

See square mirrors


Our oval mirrors are exclusive and are supplied with our renowned high-quality LED lighting and light control.

See oval mirrors


Round mirrors from Dansani are very popular and we understand why.  As they are really high quality mirrors they will bring you joy for many, many years.

See round mirrors

Accessories for mirrors

Check out our mirror accessories where you'll find self-assembly heaters for Mido+.

See accessories for mirrors


All mirror cabinets

Learn more about all our mirror cabinets here.

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A mirror cabinet is not only elegant - it's also very smart and a daily joy with plenty of storage space.

See square mirror cabinets


When you love the functionality of a mirror cabinet but have limited space in your bathroom choose a built-in mirror cabinet.

See built-in mirror cabinets

Accessories for mirror cabinets

Metal shelf, magnifying mirror and more - find great accessories for your mirror cabinet here.

See accessories for mirror cabinets



Find the best worktops for a countertop basin or for an extra base cabinet.

See worktops

Accessories for worktops

Find brackets and support rails for your worktops.

Accessories for worktops


All accessories

Our accessories include small shelves, practical small furniture, coat hooks and much more.

See accessories


Make room for all your bathroom essentials with smart and practical shelves.

See shelves


Use the right products to clean and care for your Dansani furniture.

See cleaning and care


Dansani are experts in bathroom lighting. We provide both mood and 'task' lighting which can be adjusted depending on whether you're styling your hair or enjoying a relaxing wellness day.

See lamps

Heated towel rails

All Dansani towel warmers are mains powered so they're easy to plug in and use minimal power. 

See towel rails


Wide, narrow, small, simple, impressive, beautiful, glossy, matt - you'll find the best and most beautiful handles for your new bathroom furniture here.

See handles


Furniture add-ons are everything you order with your furniture. Here you get the full overview.

See options


See our beautiful toilets including seat here - available in several different colours.

See toilets


We have always sorted waste and saved heat at Dansani, and when it comes to our furniture, we make demands on ourselves and our suppliers. The wood must be traceable, and we keep a close eye on the proportion of recycled material and, not least, the energy used in production. We are honest about our materials and we want to pass on as much information as possible to you as a customer. 


The craftsmanship in our production in Denmark is under control. They are skilled people with respect for the materials and many years of experience, and they do it properly, so we can give a 10-year warranty on our furniture series.

Danish design

Danish design is about putting people at the centre - Danish design makes everyday life easier, and it's beautiful and simple to look at. For Dansani, this is what our designs epitomise. It should be pleasing to the eye, it should work effortlessly and it should feel like coming home.


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