On this page you'll find our wide range of bathroom lights. Here you'll find bathroom lights, mirror lights, ceiling lights and pendants for your bathroom. Our bathroom lights are of course approved for use in wet rooms. Our bathroom lights are available in different colours, so you can find the bathroom lights that match the style of your bathroom.

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If you're looking for lights for your bathroom, you've come to the right place. On this page you can find lights for your mirrors, spotlights for your bathroom ceiling and pendants that you can use as decorative lights. As mentioned, our bathroom lights are also available as ceiling lights, which provide pleasant and cosy lighting throughout your bathroom. With our Jupiter bathroom lights, you can create a cohesive look as they are available as ceiling lights, mirror lights and pendant models that can light up your vanity unit or be used as decorative lights in your bathroom.

While we don't have many wall lights for your bathroom, we do have pendant bathroom lighting that can be fitted in the corners of your bathroom to create atmospheric lighting. These LED bathroom lights can also be used above your furniture, to provide not just great task lighting but also as excellent lighting throughout your bathroom.

At Dansani we develop our own LED lighting with low power consumption and very high light quality, which means that colours are reproduced correctly (Ra 90-95). Dansani works hard to ensure long lasting products through design elements such as drivers and LEDs that can dissipate heat, but you should always be aware that the lifespan is significantly reduced if the light is left on all of the time. This applies to all lighting, not just bathroom lights.

Most of our mirrors and mirror cabinets come with 12V incremental lighting control from very warm light at 2,100 Kelvin to cold light at 6,500 Kelvin and seemless dimming function. If the mirror or mirror cabinet has been switched off for a minimum of 5 seconds then the last lighting setting is remembered and set.

With this lighting control you can control the colour and brightness of your bathroom lights, and now you can also change the settings for up to 5 additional lights in your bathroom. Read more about lighting control under point 8 on this page.


Many of our mirrors have built-in lights, but we also have mirrors where you can add lights. These lights sit above your mirror solution and provide fantastic lighting down over the mirror and out into the room. Depending on the type of light you choose, you'll need 1 or 2 bathroom lights, to suit the width of your mirror solution.

So remember, if you buy a mirror without integrated lighting, it's a good idea to buy lights to fit above your mirror to ensure you have great lighting in your bathroom. On this page you can see our selection of bathroom lights suitable for installation over mirrors and mirror cabinets, and we will provide you with bathroom light ideas, that fits your bathroom.

We have many different types of mirror lights to choose from.

For example, there's the round Jupiter light, which is available in 3 different finishes. This mirror light is also available as a ceiling light and pendant light, so you can create a cohesive look in your bathroom if you choose to install different Jupiter light fittings. The Jupiter mirror lights and pendant lights are available in black, white and chrome finishes. Choose the same finish for all of your light fittings for a uniform look in your bathroom.

We also have the elongated Stratos light, which is available in different width options to match your chosen mirror solution. This also applies to our Libra light, which you can also buy in different widths. The elongated Vela light is only available in 1 size.

In addition, you can buy the elegant and beautiful Lyra light fitting. This is available as both a mirror light and a pendant light that you can also use as decorative wall lights. These bathroom lights have a beautiful light and are available in black or brass finishes. If you use the Lyra lights with your mirror, you should be aware that the lights hang down over the mirror, which adds extra lighting to your bathroom. The Lyra lamp has fluted glass, which adds a beautiful and atmospheric look to your bathroom.


Our LED bathroom lights are approved for use in wet rooms. Under each bathroom light you can find on this page, you can see the specifications of the lights, and below you can see which IP class they belong to. IP44 means that the light is approved for use in wet rooms, so you can safely and securely install the bathroom light in your bathroom.

Dansani makes it possible for you to choose bathroom lights that combine style and functionality. Our bathroom lights are available in a variety of designs, so you can find the perfect light for your bathroom.

If you want to learn more about bathroom lights, read more here.

You can also check out our inspiration pages where you can read about many subjects, including finding your own style for your bathroom.


Most of our mirrors are mirrors with LED lighting, so you have beautiful light directly from the mirror. We also have mirrors that are backlit, and we have other models where the lighting is directly on the mirror.

We have many mirrors with horizontal light fields at the top and bottom of the mirror. These light fields provide excellent lighting and many of the mirrors have lighting control, so you can control the strength and colour of your light. Our Show mirror has beautiful lighting all the way round the mirror, which means you get not just great but also comfortable light in your bathroom.

With lighting control on the lights and mirrors in your bathroom, you can control the colour and strength of your light, which is important for your quality of life and well-being. Read more about lighting control here.

If you're interested in one of our mirror cabinets instead, you can find out more here. Like our mirrors, we have mirror cabinets with integrated lighting as well as mirror cabinets which can take external light fittings.


Did you know that there is quality of life in good lighting? It's scientifically proven. We actually feel at our best in daylight, but we spend an average of 80% of our time indoors, so it's crucial that the light indoors is as close to daylight as possible. This also applies to the time of day.

Light also controls the body's circadian rhythm, so too much light in the evening before bedtime can make it difficult to fall asleep. The solution to this challenge is lighting control in your bathroom. A dimmer reddish light before you go to bed so as not to disturb your body. In the morning, the light should be more blue and definitely brighter, as your body needs to wake up and you need to be able to curl your hair and apply make-up so that you look as natural as possible when you step out into the daylight.


The majority of Dansani mirrors and mirror cabinets have lighting control, so with a simple touch of the control panel you can change the colour and strength of the light according to the time of day and your needs. Now we also offer the option to join mirrors, pendants and ceiling lights together in one group, so you can control them all with just a single touch. So one adjustment of the mirror light will also adjust the spots and pendants for both colour tone and brightness. The unique wireless control is simple to set up and doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection - simply purchase one receiver unit to link up to 5 pendants and ceiling lights.


For many years, we've spent a lot of time and effort on the quality of our lights, so we're one of the few suppliers to get as close to daylight quality as possible. So you can see yourself in as natural light as possible - and be happy.


There's no need to wake your body completely if you need to use the toilet at night. For the first time, Dansani vanity units and cabinets can be fitted with a night light function on a motion sensor that automatically switches on a dimmer light under your furniture - just enough to help you find your way around without waking you up.


The lights you install in your bathroom must be designed for use in the bathroom, and there is a distinction between different zones, with lights in zone 2 requiring IP44 approval. Zone 2 is the area from the outer edge of the shower and bathtub or 120cm from the shower head. All Dansani lights and recessed lights are IP44 approved for bathroom lighting, so you can rest assured when choosing Dansani.


The number of lumens required in a bathroom depends on the size of the room, the location of the lighting and the use of the bathroom. Generally speaking, a bathroom will require a higher number of lumens than many other rooms in the house, as the bathroom is a place where you need good lighting to perform personal hygiene tasks and get ready for the day.


It's important to choose a bulb that can withstand the humid and steamy atmosphere of a bathroom while providing adequate lighting for the room. One of the best options is an LED bulb, as they are energy efficient, have a long lifespan and can withstand high levels of moisture and vapour. Dansani LED lights are adjustable in both strength and colour, so you can choose a light that suits your personal preference and lighting needs.


Most people want a calm and serene look in the bathroom, and one way to achieve this is to think of your bathroom lighting as a cohesive solution. Choose our Jupiter light, which is available as a ceiling light, pendant light and mirror light. With 3 matching lights in your bathroom, you'll not only get great lighting, but also a uniform, simple look.


The lighting from your bathroom mirror should reveal the details you want to discover before others do. In other words, you should be able to apply make-up or shave in the most natural bathroom lighting possible, so you see yourself as you would in real daylight. We recommend choosing a mirror or mirror cabinet with inbuilt lighting or lights overhead.