If you need a round mirror for your bathroom or anywhere else in your home you can find it here at Dansani.

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A round bathroom mirror breaks up the straight lines of the room and adds an elegant and beautiful look to your bathroom. You can even use a large round mirror elsewhere in your home if you wish. How about a brass round mirror in the wardrobe? Or a large round mirror in the bedroom? Our beautiful round mirrors have a large mirror surface and are even available in many different sizes and finishes.

If you need a round mirror of 90cm or 75cm diameter you'll find it here. We have round mirrors in different sizes so you can find a round mirror that suits you and your needs. Take a look at our Moon round mirror available in 75cm or 90cm. And the beautiful backlit Corona mirror is available in 60cm, 75cm and 90cm. The beautiful and simple Shine mirror is available in 75cm and 90cm models.

Our popular Moon round mirror has a beautiful frame around the mirror which not only helps to frame the mirror and lighting but also adds that little bit extra to your bathroom. Are you looking for a beautiful round mirror in brass? Then why not pair it with brass handles and fittings for a uniform yet elegant look in your bathroom.

Moon is also available with a black frame as is our round Shine mirror. While on the Moon mirror you can control the strength and warmth of the lighting, the Shine mirror allows you to switch on / off and dim the lighting in the mirror. We don’t offer temperature control on the Shine model.

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Our round mirrors all have lighting and many of them also come with lighting control. A round mirror with lighting means that you don't need extra light fittings around the mirror and you always get great lighting with a round mirror from Dansani.

With lighting control on the round mirrors you can control the warmth and strength settings of your lighting. This means you can have great task lighting in the morning when applying make-up or shaving and you can have atmospheric and relaxing lighting in the evening before bedtime. Read more about lighting control and mirrors on this page.

In our Moon and Shine models the lighting is built into the round mirror beautifully framing both mirror and light around the edges. Moon is also available as an oval option if you're looking for a modern and stylish mirror.

The round Moon mirror is available in 3 different finishes so if you're looking for a brass round mirror you'll find it right here. The mirror is also available with a black or white frame so you can find the round mirror and finish that suits your bathroom.

Our Corona mirror has a beautiful backlight which creates a stunning corona effect around the round mirror. With Corona you can put several different sizes together to create a beautiful and different look in your bathroom. Of course one or more round mirrors provide extra lighting so you always have a beautiful and well-lit bathroom when you choose Corona mirrors.

Our Reach shelf can also be placed in front of the round Corona mirror to create extra atmosphere and cosiness in the bathroom.

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If your bathroom is large and spacious you may want a larger round mirror, while a smaller bathroom may benefit from a smaller round mirror. Our round mirrors are between 60cm - 90cm in diameter and are available with or without a frame. Keep in mind that the mirror should not only be functional but also suit your personal style and taste. So choose a look and finish that fits in with your style.


A round mirror can bring a different and more unique look to your bathroom. Round mirrors are modern and add a softer, more organic form to a space otherwise dominated by rectangular and square shapes. A round mirror can provide a focal point in the bathroom and attract attention in an elegant way. Dansani's round mirrors are available with or without frames and all mirrors are available with lighting.


In general it is recommended to hang a round mirror at the same height as a rectangular or square mirror - i.e. the bottom edge of the mirror should be around 15cm - 20 cm above the surface of the basin. This ensures that the mirror is easily accessible and that you can see your face at a comfortable height. But remember to also consider the overall height of the mirror and the aesthetics of your bathroom.