Bathroom mirrors WITH smart and functional design

Dansani offers you a vast choice when it comes to bathroom mirrors. We have a large and exciting range of mirrors, so you can make your dream of the perfect bathroom come true.

  • Interior design

  • Style

Your perfect mirror

Whether you are looking for a mirror with or without lighting, you will find everything you need in our wide range of bathroom mirrors. There are plenty of attractive mirrors in different shapes and sizes at various price levels. Everything has been thought of to bring you top quality solutions of all kinds: stylish, classical, minimalist or more extravagant.

And naturally, among all our different mirror solutions you will find

  • Mirrors with energy-saving light
  • Sustainable, environment-friendly materials
  • Good, robust craftsmanship
  • Quality materials in a class of their own

Over the years as we have sold bathroom mirrors, we have developed strict criteria for selecting the best and most environmentally-friendly materials, so your bathroom mirror will last for many years.

If you are looking for a mirror with lighting, you can simply make a start with ourĀ catalogues and visit our enticing showroom partners, who can be found throughout the country. Then you can see the superb quality for yourself and get an idea of the almost unlimited choice in smart, decorative and functional bathroom mirrors.

A mirror is an absolute necessity in most homes, but who says it has to be standard or ordinary? When you choose a Dansani mirror, it is quite special: it allows you to add your very own personal touch in the bathroom, and choose precisely the style that suits your taste and your home


The choice between round, oval or square mirrors depends on your personal preferences and the style you want for your bathroom. Here are some considerations when choosing different mirror shapes:

A round mirror gives the bathroom a soft and organic feel. A round mirror can create a more relaxed and playful atmosphere and break up sharp lines and angles in a room.

An oval mirror gives a classic and elegant look to the bathroom. The round shape is soft and can add a touch of sophistication and timelessness. Oval mirrors work well in traditional or vintage-inspired bathrooms, but can also be used in more modern designs to create a contrast between the organic shapes and clean lines.

Square mirrors are more traditional and timeless. They fit in well with different styles and can add a sense of order and symmetry. Square mirrors are suitable for modern, minimalist or industrial bathrooms where clean lines and simplicity are important.

Most of our bathroom mirrors come with lighting, so you get LED lights when you buy a bathroom mirror from Dansani.