Customise your bathroom and make it personal

With our Luna, YOU and Calidris ranges you have the freedom to decorate your bathroom just the way that suits you. The furniture can be customised with your own unique choice of colours and using mirrors, basins and attractive accessories to finish everything off perfectly, so it is really yours.

  • Interior design

  • Style

Make the bathroom unique with your own colour

There are no limitations, even if you have fallen in love with a specific moss green that matches your floor or you want to wake up to furniture in cool midnight blue. Dansani furniture can be supplied in all colours – the choice is almost limitless. Romantic, minimalist or dramatic and masculine?

This applies not only to doors, drawers, and cabinets but also to accessories such as mobile towel racks. Steps, stools as well as mirror cabinets and shelves. Experiment with colour and create your own unique look.


If you would love natural wood grain for your bathroom furniture but also want to combine it with custom colours, you can now also get our beautiful oak veneer from Calidris in a colour of your choice.

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