About Dansani

Dansani was established as a one-man business by Thomas Bjerrum in 1983. Back then, he only had one employee and the bathroom furniture production area was limited to 14m². The following year, the company moved into larger premises and managed to create a stable position within the national market.

Since then, the development has been quite fast and Dansani has expanded its business, including subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway, and exports to more than 20 European countries. Today, Dansani employs more than 180 employees in Denmark and abroad. See the countries where we do business.


At Dansani this is our motto. Since our foundation in 1983 it has always been that way and that’s how it will continue in the future. We are bathroom enthusiasts through and through and we want to make the bathroom the best room in the house. Therefore our mission is simple - to develop and produce beautiful and well thought out bathroom concepts that create joy in everyday life.

Danish design

Danish design is about putting people at the centre of what we do - Danish design makes everyday life easier, and it's beautiful and simple to look at. For Dansani, this is what our designs epitomise. It should be pleasing to the eye, it should work effortlessly and it should feel like coming home.


The craftsmanship in our production facility in Denmark is meticulously controlled. We have many skilled people with respect for the materials they work with and many years of experience, and everything they do is according to best practice and of the highest standards, so we can stand over a 10-year warranty on our furniture ranges.


We have always sorted our waste and saved on energy costs at Dansani, and when it comes to our furniture, we make demands on both ourselves and our suppliers. All wood must be traceable, and we keep a close eye on the proportion of recycled material and, not least, the energy used in production. We are honest about the materials we use and we want to pass on as much information as possible to you as a customer. 

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Step into our world of bathrooms and find out who we are and what we do.

Our values

Our values make up the drive and foundation of everything we do: we show our joy and appreciation of both colleagues, customers and suppliers. 
We respect each individual person, our surroundings and the environment. We have the courage to develop and change, and we question "what we usually do".


The joy of creating is what ignites us. We have to channel this to our customers and business partners. We see problems as exciting challenges that must be met the Dansani way. It creates joy in our daily work – and transforms into great results.


Our conscience obliges us to respect the world around us. This is why respect for people and the environment is crucial to us, if we want to uphold our values. We respect both our employees and our business partners because without them we would not succeed.


We must never fear failure. We must have the courage to make a difference in both the solutions we create, and the markets that we operate on. We have to be open to new points of view and the ongoing changes in the world. If not, we will never evolve.

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Meet our designers

All Dansani furniture is created on the basis of making a difference. It all begins in the light and airy design studio in Copenhagen where our designers and architects find the peace needed to contemplate while having access to the pulsating city. 

Inspired by classic furniture craftsmanship and the many Nordic raw materials, we explore the tension between fantastic functionality and aesthetic minimalism. Basically, every time the pen is put to paper, the goal is the same: To find the perfect balance between form and function, adding yet another chapter to the history of Danish design.

Rasmus Kjær, CDO & designer

Rasmus has been working for Dansani as a designer since 1993 and he has created many different solutions that make life in the bathroom more beautiful and much easier. He graduated from the Danish School of architecture in 1991.

Jeanette Vecht, designer

Jeanette has been working as a designer at Dansani since 1993. Ever since she started, she has contributed to the design of functional and beautiful furniture and accessories. She graduated from the Danish School of Architecture in 1990.

Andreas Marxen, designer

Andreas has completed a master’s degree in industrial design and started at Dansani in 2018. When designing furniture for the bathroom, having a keen eye for the perfect blend between function and feeling is a must.