An oval mirror gives your bathroom an elegant look and if you're looking for an oval mirror for your bathroom you'll find it here at Dansani.


If you like soft shapes and an elegant look in your bathroom an oval mirror with lighting is the right choice for you. Our oval mirrors are available in 2 versions.

The popular round Moon mirror is now also available as an oval model. With built-in lighting it fits perfectly in your bathroom. The oval Moon mirror has a beautiful frame available in 3 different finishes and the light simply sits into this frame. The Moon oval mirror is designed with good lighting in mind so you get great working light for trimming your beard or applying make-up perfectly. Plus the oval mirror can be dimmed and adjusted to create cosy mood lighting at the end of the day and on your way to bed.

If you're looking for a brass or a gold oval mirror then Moon is the perfect choice for you and your bathroom. It's available in 3 beautiful finishes so you can find an oval mirror to suit your bathroom and your decor. A brass or gold oval mirror looks beautiful in the bathroom and adds both elegance and a feeling of quality. Pair it with brass fittings and handles to really show off your brass or gold oval mirror to its best advantage.

If you need a large oval mirror then Moon is also the right choice for you. It's available in a height of 105cm so it's the perfect solution if you're looking for a large oval mirror for the bathroom.

If you prefer an oval mirror without a frame besides our Corona model you can choose our Oval mirror. This mirror has beautiful soft shapes and is available in 2 versions so you can hang it any way you wish. So if you have a smaller bathroom you can keep your mirror upright and make space for other beautiful bathroom furniture.

Our Oval mirror is also available with lighting control so if you choose either Lyra, Stratos or Jupiter light fittings you can control the brightness and warmth of your beautiful Oval mirror.


Our oval mirrors are available either with built-in lighting or with optional light fittings. The oval mirrors have lighting control so you can control the strength and warmth of your lighting. It's up to you whether you prefer oval mirrors with built-in lighting or external light fittings. Think of your bathroom as a whole and consider what fits best into the overall look and feel.

With the Moon mirror you get an oval mirror with lighting that is built into the frame around the mirror. You can get this frame in 3 different finishes so you can find the oval bathroom mirror that suits you. You can also use an oval mirror elsewhere in your home. For example Moon is a perfect oval wall mirror for your wardrobe or bedroom.

For the Oval mirror you can choose from our different light fittings. The light fittings emphasise the style in your bathroom and are also available in a variety of finishes.

The light fittings on the Oval mirror are also controlled via the lighting control panel on the mirror so you can adjust the warmth and strength of your bathroom lighting.

An oval bathroom mirror is a beautiful and elegant solution for your bathroom. The soft and rounded shapes provide a nice counterpoint to the otherwise square shapes found in a bathroom. And remember that you can choose the Moon mirror in several finishes so you can get exactly the model that suits your home and bathroom. Read more about mirrors here.

Remember that we also offer round and square mirrors and of course we also have a large selection of mirror cabinets. Don't forget that a mirror is not just a mirror. Dansani mirrors are not only on-trend, functional and beautiful - they're also of incredibly high quality and durable.


The size of an oval bathroom mirror depends on the size of your bathroom and the specific location where you want to place the mirror. Dansani oval mirrors have many different options so you can find the right size to suit your bathroom. Also keep in mind that it's important to consider the wall space when choosing the size of your mirror. A large mirror can take up too much wall space while a mirror that is too small can look undersized and insignificant in relation to the rest of the room.


An oval mirror is a stylish and elegant addition to any bathroom. It offers a softer and more organic shape than traditional rectangular or square mirrors and can help create a more relaxed atmosphere in the room. An oval mirror can save space in your bathroom as it takes up less wall space than an equivalent rectangular mirror. This is especially beneficial in smaller bathrooms where space can be a challenge. Many people choose an oval mirror because of its unique style, function and space-saving benefits.


You should consider the size of your oval mirror and basin when determining the exact placement. If your mirror is wider than your basin you can hang it higher to ensure it still provides an adequate field of view. Conversely if your mirror is narrower than your basin hang it lower to ensure it's centrally located above the basin.