Energy labelling

Energy labelling of light sources - new rules from 1 September 2021

The legislation on energy labelling applies to all manufacturers of light sources and products with light sources and from 1 September 2021 all manufacturers must have entered a wide range of data for all products in EPREL (the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling). From here everyone, including consumers and distributors, can access this information, which will allow comparison between products with the result that users can make a qualified choice. Naturally, Dansani have ensured full availability of all data and the new energy labelling. You access the information through this website by searching for the products. You will find a link to EPREL with each of the products.

All Dansani customers who market our products online with price etc. must link to the EPREL database in the same way. Dansani provides punch-outs with links for all relevant part numbers.

Energy labelling without the plus signs

The energy scale shows efficiency in lumen/Watts. Use of the old scale has been prohibited since the end of 2019. This scale had to be extended using the ratings A+, A++ and A+++ in order to specify the energy efficiency of modern light sources which is between six and eight times higher than that of the old-fashioned incandescent lights. The new energy labelling scale has been recalibrated and now rates modern light sources from A to G. LED light sources previously rated around A, A+ and better, are now rated between D and G. This does not express a poorer quality – only that the scale has been altered to reflect modern technology.



Dansani continuously strives to improve the measures we take in support of the environment. With this in mind, we have improved the energy efficiency of our light sources between 20 and 40 percent during 2020 by using more sophisticated technologies. The all important aspect for Dansani is to provide good consumer experiences through high-quality lighting that renders true-to-life colours and ensures well-being and health. It is all a matter of quality of life.

This was not an issue with the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs which emitted light closely resembling sunlight. Modern light sources, however, demand considerable effort to generate high-quality lighting and as a result of this the light efficiency suffers a little. The new energy labelling rating does not accurately reflect the market leading quality of Dansani’s products. You can find the technical specifications in the technical datasheets which are also available in the EPREL database. As an example, the datasheets provide the values for the colour rendering index – the ability of the light to render colours correctly – with documentation for all 15 spectres of the Ra1-15 scale and not only the nine evidenced by the Ra1-9 scale. This latter scale most easily provides good values when using LED technologies.

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