Give your bathroom suite personality and edge

Have you always dreamed of designing your new bathroom suite from scratch? To handpick and combine the right elements to match your taste & style and giving an accurate picture of who you are? We give you the inspiration to live out your dream.

Combine as you wish and create your own style

Play with the many possibilities there are to choose from for your bathroom suite. Not only when it comes to the larger elements such as cabinets, worktops and lighting, but also to the smaller decorative details such as handles, legs and shelves. Take time to experiment by mixing and matching different looks and styles. Your imagination is the only limit to a unique bathroom solution showcasing your personality and style.

Bold materials give your interior personality and edge

It is surprising how much a bathroom’s appearance and style can change based on the colours and materials chosen. You can choose from so many options.

Choosing a classic white surface doesn’t mean that you can’t create a lively look. A curved white front with vertical grooves dresses the traditional look up with a more vintage style. Or how about a lively white high gloss exuding modern city life?

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Are you more into ”natural” materials? You can bring the living world into your bathroom with different wooden surfaces. Choose light Nordic wooden decors such as driftwood, oak or white elm if you wish to create a light Scandinavian style. Or using golden- and reddish-brown wooden finishes such as brushed walnut, brown oak and ash grey can create a nice warm atmosphere. Darker colours such as dark oak & black oak express classical elegance and guarded style.

You can also choose to mix the colder white colours with warmer wooden finishes and create a modern look with elements of nature’s cozy ambience.

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Liven up your bathroom suite

Use colour as a fresh approach to create your own unique looks for your bathroom suite and as an expression of your personality. Colours affect our senses and our perception of the space around us. They can have a calming effect or create unease. Therefore it is extremely important that you choose the colours that best suit you so that your bathroom furniture will last you for many years. Choose between current inspirational colour suggestions or follow your own taste and create your own unique colour.

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The handle defines the finished look of your bathroom suite

Whether a drawer or door front has a handle or not defines the style and appearance of your bathroom suite. Therefore it is an important decision which solution to choose for your furniture. You have the absolute freedom to give your bathroom suite personality. Create beautiful contrasts with a wide range of handles in beautiful forms and colours or choose the simple handle free solution with push-open-function where you open doors and drawers with a light push. You can also choose furniture with an elegant integrated handle which follows the width of the front and turns upwards so that water and dirt can’t accumulate.

If your furniture still functions well and only needs sprucing up why not just change the handles? This can make a huge difference in the appearance. Please make sure that the centre distance of your new handles matches that of your old handles.

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