Romantic, functional retro

A light, organic style, in its very essence inviting you to find a personal, decorative furnishing style. The cabinets are clearly and attractively defined by the curved front panels, which are decoratively framed by the sides of the cabinet.

The fronts are available in either smooth or grooved versions, and you can create your own personal retro look by mixing and matching with flea market finds and personal touches.


Beautiful details

Vintage provides a complete design and furnishing range packed with exciting options for combination. You have every opportunity to express yourself in form and colour, and then complete the work with your favourite objects.

Besides cabinet doors in a free choice of colours, YOU includes a range of lovely washbasins, mirrors and lighting. You could, for example, try emphasising the retro look with Vintage legs, handles and lamps in brass.

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"I am a single, outgoing, and professional woman and home is where my heart is. Everything in my home reflects who I am and tells a story. My taste is an eclectic, yet feminine mix of new and old – from hyper modern design to flea market finds.​"

Caroline, Vintage YOU