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Shower enclosures and shower doors - Find the perfect Match

User-friendly shower enclosures and shower doors in a minimalist high-quality design with functional details. Dansani Match is a series of shower solutions with a very high quality, a modern design and well-considered details. It consists of many different shower enclosures and shower doors and is available in several sizes so you have a lot to choose from.

We have paid special attention to the functions and the design which is simple with consistent details that you might not see but will enjoy every day.

From the base models in Dansani Match you can easily and simply create a large number of different shower enclosure combinations. It is possible to combine the individual base models with each other across the entire range. All versions can be installed for both left and right hand opening. There are many solutions and sizes to select from yet easy to order using this simple system.

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When choosing Dansani shower shower enclosures and shower doors, you have an attractive, clear glass surface with minimum cleaning effort required. EasyCare is a German, environmentally-friendly product, which is certified by the independent laboratory SGS Institute Fresenius in accordance with the OECD Guideline 2009. Dansani's Match Shower series is coated with the tough and environmentally-friendly EasyCare treatment as standard, making it harder for dirt and limescale to deposit. Even after the glass has been wiped 30,000 times. Just wipe the glass with a soft cloth after use, and your glass will look nice for many years to come.


Product information about Dansani Match Shower


Match hinged and fixed panels

All Match hinged doors and fixed panels have been tested to comply with EN 14428:2015 referring to hardening of glass, stability and water tightness classification. 


6 mm hardened safety glass complying with EN12150 with EasyCare treatment on the side facing inwards. Clear glass and some models in frosted glass.


Strong aluminimum profile with hardwearing, satin anodised surface.


Rise and fall hinges that opens both inwards and outwards by 180 degrees. The door is held open at 90 degrees either way. Inside the hinge a waterproofing seal has been added.

Magnetic profiles

One removable magnetic profile is supplied with every door and fixed panel, that can be combined with profiles across the range. Once the magnet has been activated twice the polar is set so the two magnetic seals work together. The magnet is located inside a PVC profile, with a matt surface to ensure they do not stick together during prolonged times of little or no use.

Fixed panel

The glass panel can be adjusted with 20 mm in the wall profile, and is locked in place with PVC profiles inside the alu profile. The floor profile can be adjusted up to 6 mm horizontally and using the spacers provided to suit, 12 mm vertically. Alternatively, a 12  mm adjustable floor bracket can be used for wet room solutions where no seals are required.


On models A, B and E the hinge can be adjusted with 20 mm in the wall profile for out of true applications. On fixed panel models C, D and F the glass panel is adjusted within the wall profile the same as for fixed panels. The floor profile can be adjusted up to 6 mm horizontally using the predrilled slot.


A standard chrome plated ABS knob handle is included with all doors. Optional alternative handles can be purchased separately. 


Floor bracket and bracket for telescopic rail support is constructed from chrome plated zinc-alloy. Cover caps and other fittings made from chrome plated ABS.

Telescopic support rail

Strong alloy rail with hardwearing, satin-anodised chrome plated surface with concealed wall fixing bracket. The support rail likewise has concealed fixing to the profile and is adjustable from 60 to 100 cm.

Wall support

Strong alloy wall support with hardwearing, satin-anodised chrome plated surface with concealed wall fixing bracket


Transparent PVC seal used with doors at floor level can easily be replaced if required over time. Taller seals can also be purchased separately if required for certain applications.


All Match models are in stock for fast supply with 1 door/panel in 1 box. All boxes can be handled by one person as they are below 30 kg. Accessories like support rails and alternative handles are packed separately. 


Dansani offers 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects on all Match models. 

Exclusive, very strong and durable showertrays are available as optional extras for certain models.  

Installation measures

Measures- and product information

Fitting instructions

  Match model A, B and C recess models
M1202 Match door models
  Match model A, B and C combinations
D074 Match hinged/bifold door - model 2017
M1207 Match hinged/bifold door - new model 2018
  Match model E and F
D075 Match quadrant hinged door - model 2017
M1213 Match quadrant hinged door - new model 2018
  Match model D combinations with A, B and G
D076 Match fixed panel/hinged door - model 2017
M1209 Match fixed panel/hinged door - new model 2018
  Match model D
D077 Match fixed panel - model 2017
M1211 MMatch fixed panel - new model 2018
  Match model G
D087 Match quadrant hinged door 90˚ - model 2017
M1216 Match quadrant hinged door 90˚ - new model 2018
  Match model I
M1200 Match model I
  Match model H
D084 Match door for bath tub
D083 Match 45˚ accessory kit (for 2017 and 2018 models)
M1131 Match Floor profile for Square models
M1132 Match Floor profile for Door models
M1133 Match Floor profile set for fixed panel models
M1134 Match Floor profile set for 1/2 round models
M1041  Maintenance instructions Shower




We all have to consider the environment and the world around us. Dansani products are manufactured with care and the smallest possible environmental impact.

Read more about sustainability here