Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions

How do I remove the drawers completely?

Answer: Pull out the drawer completely and hold firmly on both sides just behind the drawer front and lift up (vertically). 

What is the difference between marble and porcelain washbasins?

Answer: Porcelain washbasins are made of proper sanitary porcelain which is a strongly chemical material with glazing. When burned at approx. 1,220 degrees, the glazing melts and turns into a hard, smooth, shiny and cleaning-friendly surface.

Marble washbasins are made of mineral powder, polyester and binding agents. The washbasins are moulded in closed moulds and surface treated with a clear gel coat. We recommend "Clean and Shine" for cleaning of marble washbasins.

How do I install your furniture?

Answer: There will always be fitting instructions enclosed with your delivery and it is important to read it thoroughly. When you fit your vanity unit please ensure that ALL wall fixings are used. In absence of fitting instructions, you can always see here:
Fitting instructions overview »

I have a question regarding your products - who can I ask?

Answer: On this website you can find your local dealer: 
Overview over Dansani dealers »

Can I buy directly from Dansani?

Answer: No, we only sell via displaying Dansani retailers. Find your local Dansani dealer here »

If my furniture develops a fault - who do I speak to then?

Answer: The main rule is that you ALWAYS have to contact the dealer where you bought the product.

Are your products in stock or do I have to expect a delivery time?

Answer: Some series are in stock but most series have a delivery time of 2-4 weeks, since we produce your new bathroom furniture to order.