Find inspiration for your personal bathroom

Do you need inspiration for the design and decoration of your bathroom?
At Dansani we are bathroom specialists and understand the challenges you can face when designing your new bathroom. Bathroom ideas for unusual rooms can be hard to find so we have collected ideas and tips on how to optimise the design and layout of your bathroom irrespective of the size, shape or budget.

Find your style for the bathroom

Do you find it difficult to decide on your personal furnishing style? Luckily, we can give you an idea here of the many different furnishing styles – and hints about how to find the style that suits you!

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New bathroom – get off to a good start

So are you dreaming of a new bathroom but feel a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Look here where we have some ideas, tips and tricks to point you in the right direction and turn your bathroom dreams into reality.

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Bathroom shape and size

Is your bathroom large? Or small, or does it have a sloping ceiling or walls with off-square angles? No matter what your bathroom looks like we have a solution to meet your wishes and needs.

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The personal bathroom

Beautiful materials in combination with colour are the basis of interior design and we see this trend in the bathroom as well. Be inspired by our many colours, wooden decors & choice of materials and see how they can be mixed and combined. Various handle styles can then finish off a completely personal or individual look.

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The bespoke bathroom

Personalise your bathroom with Dansani - worktops and basins can be made to measure, and of course you can also choose your very own colour

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Bathroom lighting

We all want to appear natural when looking in the mirror and when out in daylight. Therefore it’s beneficial to understand what type of lighting best suits both your functional needs and your interior design style. This applies not just to the light around the mirror but also to the rest of the room. 

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Small bathroom ideas and design

Do you aspire to a large bathroom but are restricted by the available space? Don’t despair… there are a wealth of possibilities for optimal design and layout of the small bathroom which can give the illusion of more space while maximising the available storage.

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The large bathroom

Is your bathroom large with room for all the family? Or would you prefer your own oasis of well-being in the bathroom? To help you get started we have gathered plenty of inspiration for how you can fit out your large with all our exciting products.

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Bathroom in the attic or loft space

Don’t let a bathroom in the attic with sloping ceiling, slanted walls and off square corners limit your creativity. There are many options for you to get extra storage and at the same time optimise the design and decoration of your bathroom in the attic or loft space so that everyday life in the bathroom becomes easier. See our suggestions of different bathroom ideas.​

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Double washbasin

When many people use the bathroom a queue can form at the basin. A double basin is an excellent solution for this. Choose from several different designs and materials and find a basin that fits your bathroom perfectly.

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Bathroom mirrors

A mirror is a practical necessity in the bathroom but at the same time it can also frame the style of the room. If you don’t have the budget for a complete makeover then spruce up the bathroom with a new mirror. Always choose a mirror with good light quality that reproduces colours as naturally as possible.

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Mirror cabinets

We all need a mirror in the bathroom and if you choose a mirror cabinet you get extra storage for all your smaller everyday bathroom items. Make full use of the wall space and get that extra luxurious feeling in your bathroom with features such as an electric socket and magnifying mirror. View bathroom ideas for different solutions here:

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Bathroom accessories

The accessories are the extra benefits to your bathroom. As either a finishing touch to the design or to optimise the layout but always to ease the use of the bathroom in everyday life.  Bathroom ideas on how to mix & match accessories in your design can be found here:

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Shower screens and shower enclosures

Bathroom ideas come in many different forms and sizes so spend a little extra time to find the shower solution that best suits your wishes and requirements. There is a solution for every bathroom, large or small, that can make your shower dream come true.

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Create your personal space

Our promise to you is ”Create your personal space”. It is a story about opportunities, creativity and individuality.

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Are you curious about the newest trends?

Crazy about colours? Or more excited about the metallic surfaces?

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Who are our designers?

Meet our talented designers who sketch and design our bathroom series.

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