Environment, sustainability and climate

Dansani develops, supplys and markets bathroom products. While maintaining our more than 40-year-old tradition of quality and good craftsmanship, we will continually consider healthy business sense and strengthen our environmental and climate efforts. We take responsibility for the environment and are aware of how we can reduce the environmental impact. In addition, we are continuously working on expanding and improving our areas of action further within the environment and climate.

Our goal

  • Design our products so the environmental impact in manufacturing, use and disposal is minimised.

  • Use raw materials, water and energy effectively to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Limit emissions, waste and discharge from our activities.

  • Maintain high security standards for our employees and promote responsible environmental issues within our activities.

  • Collaboration with our suppliers, customers and other business partners to achieve better environmental standards.

  • Continue to pay attention to new opportunities to improve the environmental qualities of our products and production methods beyond what is generally expected.

Dansani´s launched consideration for environment, sustainability and climate

  • We have installed solar panels that provide renewable energy for our production.

  • We have installed motion sensors, which minimise electricity consumption for offices and showrooms

  • We have reduced energy waste to our production machines.

  • We have increased the degree of insulation and reduced heat consumption in our warehouse.

  • We recycle the heat in our production areas.

  • 95% of all waste from production is sorted for recycling

  • We draw up a voluntary waste account to minimise our resource consumption.

  • We minimise the use of cardboard and use recyclable cardboard and recycling paper to wrap up products.

  • We strive exclusively to use FSC certified paper - both for internal use in the company, for external correspondence and for printed brochures, etc.

  • We turn off PCs and computer monitors when not in use.

  • We make it easy to separate electrical components from our products, so it is minimal what should be treated like electronic-scrap.

  • We limit the content of chemicals and hazardous substances in electrical equipment in our products, respectively.

  • We use only wood and wood-fibre components in our products from forestry within the EU, where there are rules about reproductions.

  • We comply with REACH and RoHS.