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Room size

Room size – small, medium or large?

What fits to my bathroom?

No two bathroom are the same. Luckily. In terms of space, there are many different sizes, corners and angles to consider, and sometimes this is quite a tricky task. Fortunately, Dansani makes it easier for you because we have solutions for every type of room.

Small rooms

Joy of design in a small format

Even if you do not have much space, you do have lots of options when it comes to using the space in the optimal way without the room being cramped. With Dansani, you can furnish even a small room without having to compromise on functions or possibilities.

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Medium-sized rooms

Not just the in between

Intimacy or personal space? If you have a medium-sized room, it is all up to you. With Dansani's range of solutions with furniture, washbasins and shower solutions you can use just a few pieces of furniture for your interior design to create more space. Or you can take the other route and get lots of functional solutions that might be particularly practical if you have many people in your household.

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Large rooms

Extra space for excitement

The big bathroom paves the way for many different options. If many people use it, you can go for a double washbasin, furniture with lots of drawers and extra shower space. Ask yourself whether you want a light and airy layout or lots of storage space. No matter the answer, you will find the solution here.

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Perhaps surprisingly, you do spend a lot of time in your bathroom every day and Dansani makes your life a little easier through stylish and functional bathroom furniture.

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