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Inspiration for your bathroom

Mirrors and mirror cabinets

Smart and functional design

Dansani offers you a vast choice when it comes to bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets. We have a large and exciting selection, so you can make your dreams of the perfect bathroom design come true.

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Proper bathroom lighting improves your well-being

Typically, we are in the bathroom when we are in between the states of being awake and sleeping, both in the morning and in the evening. That is why the lighting in this room is so vital for your well-being.

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Designed around you

Dansani is much more than just furniture for the bathroom. With our selection of shower screens and cabinets you can create a balanced room where the shower is nicely in line with the design and size of the bathroom.

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Double washbasin

Space for more than one by the tap

If several people share a bathroom, it might get a bit crowded. Still, that does not mean that you have to move or invest in an addition to the house to build an extra bathroom. Dansani has the solutions that make it easier to have more people using the room at the same time.

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Limited space

Of course you will find enough space for everything

Even if your bathroom is not that big, luckily there are many ways of furnishing it without you having to squeeze in and out. With the various Dansani series you are sure to find a solution which is both space-saving and has the right design expression.

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With Dansani, you are sure to get a complete experience

At Dansani, we specialise in bathrooms and that is also why we consider design as a whole. Our focus is broad and we offer functional accessories that make your everyday life in the bathroom as practical as possible.

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Danish design

Dansani offers you beautiful solutions for your bathroom, created on the basis of the principles behind Danish design: functionality, simplicity and naturalness.

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