Jupiter pendant ø8 cm, black

Article no: 190302842
Series: Calidris-Luna-You

84 GBP

Series: Calidris-Luna-You

Jupiter pendant ø8 cm, black

Article no: 190302842
84 GBP

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A Jupiter LED pendant light is almost a little work of art in its own right, and besides its beautiful ultrathin design, it has integrated functionality, so that it can be dimmed with a compatible LED trailing edge dimmer switch.
The lamp is available in the same design, either as a ceiling light or as a light for your mirror, and comes in several colours.

You don’t just create harmony between the room and the furnishings: the lighting is carefully thought out for a toned-in look.

Light plays a vital role when it comes to our health and well-being, and it has been scientifically proven that good lighting increases our quality of life. Therefore, we ought to be critical and quality-conscious when we select lighting for our homes. Because artificial light is not always good illumination.

Basically, it is all about finding a comfortable light, as close as possible to sunlight, so that the colours of materials and people are reproduced in a varied and natural way.

If you buy your lighting from Dansani, you do not need to worry about quality and colours of the light. Our LED light fittings are sorted applying high quality levels, that ensures that all LEDs in your lamps emit a homogeneous light and offer the same correct colour reproduction, no matter the lamp model and position.

Pendant light with 350 mA lighting system, which gives you the following advantages:
1. Optimised quality and efficiency with high light output, low heat
generation and long lifetime.
2. Standardised light between room and product light sources
creates uniform, harmonious lighting in the room (3150 K).
3. Best colour rendering in the market (Ra 95+)"

The light can also be dimmed by a dimmer switch. Further it can be combined with controllable-lighting products, but the light uniformity depends on
the user’s settings.

All our lighting solutions are designed for bathrooms and IP44-approved for use in wet rooms.



2.1 cm


8 cm


8 cm


Black matt



Light Specification:




IP classification:






DB Number:


Custom code:


Packaging height:

5 cm

Packing width:

9 cm

Packing depth:

14 cm

Netto Weight:

457 g

Brutto Weight:

636 g





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LED lighting

If you purchase all of your lighting from Dansani you don't have to worry about light quality or colour. Our LEDs are carefully sourced to provide certainty that all of your lights emit plain light and have the same representation of colours whatever light model chosen and where they are placed in your room


Ra-value is an expression of light's ability to reproduce colours naturally and accurately. This is important when for example putting on make-up or shaving and also to see the difference between dark blue and black clothes. A higher Ra-value means better colour representation. Daylight has a Ra-value of 100.


Kelvin is a measurement for the colour temperature of light and the number of Kelvin degrees defines the colour of the light. The sun registers approx. 6,500K whereas a candle light is approx. 2,700K.


Watt is the unit of power (symbol: W) & is an SI unit named after James Watt, inventor of the steam engine. One watt is defined as the energy consumption rate of one joule per second (1W = 1 J/s). One watt can also be measured as the current flow of one ampere with voltage of one volt (1W = 1V x 1A).


IP (Ingress Protection) classification indicates the product's ability to withstand both water and airborne particles. The first number describes the resistance to airborne particles (dust) and the second number the resistance to water.

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